I will continue to WORK HARD FOR YOU to bolster quality public education, enact fair and sustainable tax policies, and ensure equal representation for all!

I believe in fiscal conservatism. Hardworking Kansans pay their bills and we should expect the same from our state.

  • Kansas needs a fair tax code that doesn’t raise taxes on families while others don’t pay their fair share.
  • We cannot keep digging our state deeper into debt.  Our Kansas lawmakers need to cooperate on common sense solutions for balancing the budget rather than letting special interests dictate how we spend our money and run our state.
  • We must also ensure survival of our rural hospitals by taking advantage of Medicaid expansion. Kansas citizens pay federal taxes expecting the return of our fair share.
  • Elimination of state funding for schools means more costs keep getting pushed onto our property taxes.  It means less teacher pay and an inability to train and retain quality educators for our kids.  It means the loss of vital learning opportunities because important extracurricular activities–like sports and band—can no longer be supported.  Our kids are too important to let this happen!